Raspberry Gelato

It was a chilly rainy day. One that would make anyone feel a little blue and most defiantly bored. Ballet class was only two hours away and we were all lost about what to do with ourselves. Considering that the only interesting thing to do that day was crochet, because you can’t go outside and explore the woods when its raining, I jumped onto Ravelry for a little inspiration.

It was then that I found something quick and easy to make, and the little girl standing over my shoulder insisted that I make it right then just in time for ballet class! I had a Sweet Roll of yarn that I’d been saving for something special to make in Raspberry Swirl and she made sure that I knew that was the yarn that she wanted!

So with crochet hook in hand I began making a pair of ballet leg warmers that fit her just perfectly! When I had finished, she grabbed them up and headed off to ballet class reminding me to add some tiny flowers onto them when she got back.

The next morning I began working on a second pair of leg warmers (both of us had forgotten about the flowers at that point) for Raspberry girl’s older sister. She had found my Gelato Pop Sweet Roll and wanted a pair to wear to her ballet class that evening.Etsy ! (4).JPGIt was no sooner said than done. She wore them while finishing up the rest of that day’s school work and all around the house. It was another rather rainy and cold day, so what better to make it seem more cheerful?

It was then that little sister remembered the flowers and demanded that I make them right then. So finding the simplest flower pattern I could it took about ten minutes to create them and a leaf to go with them. No sooner had they been sewed on than she put them on and continued to wear them the rest of the day.

But an hour before big sister’s ballet class I was able to convince her to let me take some pictures of her wearing them for my Etsy shop. She enjoyed it a lot and now whenever spring gives us a chilly day they always manage to find their leg warmers and dance away!

If you are a crocheter and would like to make these for yourself, you can find the pattern here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/484545841/leggings-crochet-pattern-crochet?ga_search_query=Leg&ref=shop_items_search_1 please note that I deviated from this pattern a little to accommodate for the yarn I used.

If you would like a pair of leg warmers and are not a crocheter, you can visit my Etsy shop here; http://www.etsy.com/shop/tiddleandfigg