Judah Morgan

Judah is a little boy born in Cincinnati Ohio  prematurely with Potters Syndrome and without kidneys. Because of that he’s had to spend his entire life in the hospital has had many ups and downs. Now weighing an estimated 11 pounds he is halfway to being able to get a kidney transplant! But because he’s been in the hospital so long his mommy and daddy will end up paying off all of his hospital bills for probably the rest of their life.

Because of this, I’ve decided to donate $5 of each of my messy bun hat sales to this little boy. I’m also hoping to create more hats to help him, as he can use all of the help he can get.   204Each handmade hat only costs $20 which means that all profits made by them will be sent to Judah. The only money Tiddle&Figg will get to keep is the added cost of materials and labor. Every little boy deserves the chance at living as normal a life as they can have and even though $5 isn’t much compared to the total cost of keeping him in the hospital, but it will still make a very big difference.

Now, this hat may be girly, but I promise you there are more to come that will be perfect for the boys in your life. But for now, you can find this hat here, and please leave any questions or comments that you may have below and I will try to respond to them as quickly as possible.


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